FI Toolbox modules
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FI Toolbox - ultrasound modules for medical imaging and NDT

Diagnostic Sonar introduces the FI Toolbox - a range of hardware and software modules for high performance ultrasonic data acquisition and imaging.

Based on the National Instruments FlexRIO platform, these ultrasonic modules can be used to create a wide range of instruments in a standard PXI chassis. The software modules are equally flexible, providing standard array imaging as well as advanced features such as Full Matrix Capture (FMC). They can be used straight off-the-shelf or used as the basis for your own applications.

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DSL's FI Toolbox recognised at Graphical System Design Awards
DSL's new FI Toolbox system was recognised at the 2011 Graphical System Design Achievement Awards in London.

Array I/F
Array Personality Modules

DSL's Generic Array interface allows the user to customise their hardware to interface to arrays from a range of manufacturers. The personality modules can be easily interchanged so that your instrument is no longer restricted to using arrays from just one manufacturer.

If you don't see your interface listed then contact DSL, as we also offer a patchboard Personality Module for prototyping with your own array design as well as a customizing service for creating an interface to your perferred array connector and pinout.

Ultrasound FlexRIO modules

The National Instruments FlexRIO system is a family of high performance re-configurable products on the industry-standard PXI/PXI Express bus. They use FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) to provide the optimum combination of flexibility with performance under the control of the user. The FIToolbox uses these as the basis for ultrasound data acquisition and processing.

Array I/F
DSLFIS: Array Personality Module for 32 SMBs
The DSLFIS is an Array Personality Module for interfacing to 32 individual transducers with SMB connectors.

Array I/F
DSLFII: Array Personality Module for arrays with 260way ZIF connectors
The DSLFII is an Array Personality Module for interfacing to arrays with 260way ZIF connectors.

Array I/F
DSL16B: Array Personality Module for 16 BNCs
The DSL16B is an Array Personality Module for interfacing to 16 individual transducers with BNC connectors.

Array I/F
DSLFIH: Array Personality Module for arrays with Hypertronics connectors
The DSLFIH is an Array Personality Module for interfacing to arrays with Hypertronics connectors.

Array I/F
DSLFIZ: Array Personality Module for FlawInspecta arrays
The DSLFIZ is an Array Personality Module for interfacing to FlawInspecta's Zero Insertion Force arrays.

FRD (including FMC+TFM) acquisition and display module
FRD (Full Raw Data) acquisition and processing is DSL's ultimate imaging software mode and incorporates Full Matrix Capture (FMC) and Total Focusing Method (TFM) as a special case.