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ASNT Annual Fall Conference and Quality Testing Show 2011

ASNT's Annual Fall Conference and Quality Testing Show is being held at the Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, California from 24 to 28 October 2011.

Visit the NDTS booth to see the new Diagnostic Sonar FlawInspecta Toolbox - a suite of PXI-based hardware and software modules to suite all your multi-channel acquisition and imaging requirements. Features include:

  • Standard multi-channel transmit/receive beamforming - with or without multiplexing - for conventional phased array imaging;
  • Full Raw Data (FRD) acquisition and processing (extension of Full Matrix Capture and Total Focusing) at real-time rates for: full dynamic focus on transmit; ability to do post-processing steering and focusing; and adaptive imaging.
  • Full range of software options from direct access to both raw channel or image data for customer-defined programming to standard software modules for direct "out of the box" operation.

There will also be a presentation in the Conference (at 10:00 on 27 October) entitled "Performance enhancements in inspection of composites using ultrasonic array Full Raw Data processing" which will discuss the new options permitted by the PC-based hardware. The capability for "Full Matrix Capture" and "Total Focusing" reconstruction at real-time rates means that these techniques can now move out from the laboratory and into the field. One application example is the inspection of the noodle/fillet area of bonded composite structures and components.

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