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DSL's FI Toolbox recognised at Graphical System Design Awards

Diagnostic Sonar's new FI Toolbox system was recognised at the 2011 Graphical System Design Achievement Awards held at the Institue of Mechanical Engineers in London on 6th November.

The family of products use the FPGA National Instruments FlexRIO platform as the core of a modular and scaleable ultrasound data acquisition system. The system is PC-based for ultimate flexibility and uses NI's LabVIEW graphical programming to define the PC functionality and also to program the FPGAs.

The system can be configured as a conventional pulse-echo ultrasound phased array imaging system with electronic beam-steering and dynamic receive focusing. However, the performance of the FPGA-engine is also sufficient to perform Full Matrix Capture (FMC) and Total Focusing (TFM) at real-time imaging rates. For more information on this mode of operation, see the list of Publications.

Photo courtesy of National Instruments


The system has been reported as a Case Study entitled "Using NI FlexRIO for Next-Generation Real-Time Ultrasound Array Imaging for Non-Destructive Testing" and this was a finalist in the "Industry" Category at the Awards. For more information please use the webform or contact our sales department.

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DSL's FI Toolbox recognised at Graphical System Design Awards
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