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Diagnostic Sonar Ltd - Head Office

Diagnostic Sonar was founded in 1975, our aim to introduce the first real-time medical ultrasound scanner manufactured in the UK which we subsequently did a year later.

Over the following 3 decades, the company has expanded into other areas of Industrial Non-Destructive Testing and Medical Imaging. This has placed us in a unique position within these markets.

The industrial side of the company has developed alongside the medical, from the introduction of high performance transducers to the UK through to instrumentation including Flaw Detectors, Thickness Gauges and Real Time Flaw Imaging systems. Diagnostic Sonar also produce a unique range of ultra-safe Ultrasound Couplants for all industries including nuclear and high temperature applications.

Our medical range has also grown to include one of the largest ranges of ultrasound scanners available, scanner accessories such as the popular Sonarwarm couplant warmer, a superior range of quality couplants and test objects for Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems.

Since our very first order we have been a major exporter, our products being used in varied fields from Aerospace to Offshore in over 40 countries. Development is continuous at Diagnostic Sonar and through links with universities and research establishments and participation in European collaborative projects such as BRITE programs and the FUSE initiative we aim to continue to break new ground in Ultrasonic Testing.

Our long, hands-on experience means that we can best serve our customers by working in partnership with them. We therefore welcome questions and feedback by mail, phone, fax or e-mail and we are happy to welcome visitors to our offices in Livingston, in the heart of Scotland's Silicon Glen.

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