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Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection

Genesis Systems uses DSL's FlawInspecta for ultrasonic data acquisition in their NSpect210 robotic NDI system.

NSpect210 booth

3D viewing with FlawInspecta

The FlawInspecta now includes 3D viewing of the C-scan data to assist in interpreting the volumetric data.

3D rendered image of impact damage in CFC sheet


The FlawInspecta is now available in the small format industry standard PXI chassis, controlled by means of laptop. The system uses DSL's standard high speed acquisition software for the fastest acquisition speed. However, it comes complete with 3-axis position sensing so is fully compatible with ANDSCAN mapping software.

Boeing approves DSL as an authorized MAUS V Calibration facility
News Release - 28th September 2008: Diagnostic Sonar is pleased to announce that Boeing has now authorized them to perform the MAUS V Calibration Procedure on any MAUS V system.

Full Raw Data collection and processing with FlawInspecta
Full Raw Data collection is the next step beyond Full Waveform Capture and greatly extends the post-processing capability to include steer angle and focus. The FlawInspecta's modular architecture and very rapid acquisition capability is ideally suited to acquire the Full Raw Data and process it in real-time.

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