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Ultrasound FlexRIO modules

The National Instruments FlexRIO system is a family of high performance re-configurable products on the industry-standard PXI/PXI Express bus. They use FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) to provide the optimum combination of flexibility with performance under the control of the user. The FIToolbox uses these as the basis for ultrasound data acquisition and processing.

DSL32T: 32 channel ultrasonic pulser module
The DSL32T is a FlexRIO Adapter Module that provides independent control over 32 tri-level pulsers.

DSL32R: 32 channel ultrasound preamplifier module
The DSL32R is a 32 channel receiver module that provides transmit-receive protection followed by low noise preamplification with output suitable for direct coupling into the 32 channel digitizer.

DSL32M: 32 channel ultrasound multiplexer module
The DSL32M is a stackable 32 channel multiplexer module that interfaces between the transmit and receive channels and the elements of an array.

DSL32A: Generic array interface module
The DSL32A Generic Array Interface module has a high density standardized interconnect to allow the user to select an Array Personality Module for connecting to arrays from a specific manufacturer.

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